Drawing & Painting Beginners Course

Course structure

First Stage:

Six lessons of basic drawing instruction. 

Starting with sharpening a pencil one will learn a method of observation and transferring what one sees to the paper. Focusing on using pencils for creating tonal separation, structure and volume. Basics of perspective and still life drawing is done at this stage. 

Second Stage:

13 lessons of figure drawing 

Life drawing starts on the seventh lesson beginning with hand drawing. We will deepen the basics studied at the beginning of the course using a life model.

Main mediums and techniques, or simply, what we will use and how

We begin with pencils, learning what to watch and focus on, using structure, volume, light and shade. 

Moving on to quick and intuitive sketching which promotes creating a personal line and improves one's assurance in drawing.

Using charcoal for sketching quick movements, composition and  detail enlargement.

Using ink, water brush and pen we will do a favorite technique of mine integrating line and brush stroke.

This will serve us doing compositions as well as movement drawing. At this point the border between drawing and painting starts to blur. This is still monochromatic work but painting characteristics emerge.

Third Stage:

Landscape painting.

After the basics was done using ink we start using watercolor, aquarelle, trying to experience and extract their fantastic properties.

We begin in the studio then move outside for 4 additional meetings.

All in all 24 meetings once a week for 3 hours including a 30 minute break.

About 8 participants per group.

Please feel free to give me a call for any additional information

ruti 054-4784444